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This is the expedition known from the documentary series under the name “Veien til Amazonas” (or “The Road to the Amazon”), broadcasted on the Norwegian TV2 the year 2014 with Oyvind Wesseltoft as expedition-leader. This is really two expeditions in one big one put together and originally pioneered by Coex Amazon back in 2006. We start in the Andes western mountain range by the water-divide between the Pacific and the Atlantic. From the Andes mountain-city Cajamarca, we start the long journey crossing three mountain ranges before we make it down to the Amazon basin where our end-destination is the legendary jungle-city of Iquitos, largest city in the world without any road connections. This is a journey where we go back in time when we on the first part will by horse and on foot cross two mountain ranges and where we will live with no less than five different isolated small farming-communities along the canyon of Marañon. A spectacular horse-ride trek that offers breath-taking nature experiences, on unique, remote and almost unexplored millennium trails that once upon a time were occupied by the pre-Incas of the great Chachapoya-civilization. We continue in the direction to the Orient down to the Amazon basin and eventually we enter the stunningly beautiful natural reserve of Pacaya Samiria, with its flooding forests close to the origin of the majestic Amazon river. Intact, pristine and wild. Here far into this natural reserve we will live the next days with our new hosts from a small community. With their help we will have a good chance to see impressive flora and fauna in this amazingly biodiverse ecosystem. We will also get to know our personal quite well, learn about their living-conditions and be a part of their cosmovision.

When: from May until November

Prices per person from: USD 3300

EXPEDITION «CARAL – KOTOSH» (16 to 23 days)

The Americas oldest commercial route crossing the Andes, mountains connecting the Pacific coast and the Amazon basin. An extraordinary trek offering mighty and spectacular nature and at the same time we will experience close encounters with local people living very remote and far from western influence. This is a historic route that the oldest civilizations of the Americas used for more than 5000 years ago. Two weeks we will stay in between 3200 and 5200 masl. The trek is divided into three phases with three different horse-teams: six days crossing the western Andes range where we will live together with alpaca-shepherds, six days crossing the most spectacular and wild part of the highest tropical mountain range in the world, Huayhuash that forms a part of the 200 km long famous White Mountain-range. Some of the mountain-passes we will have to pass are close to 5200 masl. Eventually, we reach the slopes of the east-side of the Andes and we will enter the majestic Capac Nan, the legendary 3000 km long ink-trail crossing great pampas before we arrive the small isolated village of Jesus, where to some extent barter economy is still more important than monetary household. Our final destination is the city of Huanuco, as the last outpost before entering the Amazon basin.

When: from May until October

Prices per person from: USD 3900


This is an expedition with great natural, cultural and human contrasts. We will on this journey have encounters of most of Peru`s 84 life-zones (soil-levels and micro-climates) – and we will experience those by all the necessary mediums of transportation. In this journey we will get close encounters with the local life in a vast area of the remote Peru. We will experience amazing contrasts of realities of multiple different life-conditions and we will explore the DNA of Peru from the unpolished inside of the country. By air we leave Lima heading for a small Andes town Jauja, from there we continue down the slopes of the eastern Andes by private car all the way down to the high-jungle of the Amazon.

The next days we are going to live at an old quite well hidden German-Italian coffee-hacienda that has a lot of history and soul. The journey continues further into the jungle by 4×4 until the road ends. Here we will meet an Amazon-native tribe that is fighting for their right to protect and conserve the rainforest around the natural reserve of Yanechaga. This small community will be our host for the next four days and they will take us for a wonderful trek into their kingdom of pristine and almost unknown forest for the modern world. We continue the journey by private car all the way down to the lowland-jungle of the Amazon. From here we are bordering our private boat that will for the next five days take us up the legendary Urubamba river all the way up to the high-jungle. A long the way we will make several stops visiting different small remote communities. Eventually we arrive one of the tributary rivers to Urubamba, called Timpia, and from there we will enter the little explored forests where a different small isolated native tribe is living. They will be our hosts for the next couple days.

We are now very far from the modern society, into remote deep forest, highly biodiverse, with crystal clear waters from rivers and rapids. Straight ahead of us we have the great Megantoni and Manu natural reserves, and while we pause at this point we know that there is no trace of modern society between where we are standing and out there into the wilderness where there are nomad-tribes of uncontacted indigenous people. We will eventually make our way back to the Urubamba-river and continue with our boat ride into a dramatic landscape, a huge cliff of wonderful cascades, called “el pongo de Maenique” before entering the high-jungle. Rio Urubamba will gradually be more and more shallow and eventually we have to leave our boat and go over to a private car. In Quillabamba we can decide whether we go for a short expedition straight to Cusco or we choose a 5-day trek to Machu Picchu or a 10-day trek to Choquequirao. The latter is a little known and remote Inca citadel with an extraordinary beautiful location, literally hanging on the cliff 1500 meters above the Apurimac canyon. You can only reach Choquequirao on foot. On this trek you will be a part of a horse-caravan with all the necessary equipment and personal. Last destination is Cusco, but you may want to extend it to Lake Titicaca and even enter Bolivia.

When: from May until October

Prices per person from: USD 3900

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