Coex Amazon - Videos - Sustainable journeys in the Andes and in the Amazon


Expedition Choquequirao in Peru
A ten-day trek in the Andes to the secluded Inca-citadel Choquequirao, only reached by foot.

Expedition Pongo Maenique in Peru
7-day rafting from the Andes down to the jungle of Amazon, combining two days of hiking with rainforest rangers on new discovered trails.

Video blog from Expedition Marañon-Pacaya in Peru
Eight video blogs by the producer of the TV2 documentary series “The Road to the Amazon” during the production following Coex Amazon on expedition in north-Peru.

Expedition Marañon – Pacaya in Peru

Expedition Urubamba – Choquequirao in Peru

Expedition Caral-Kotosh in Peru

Expedition “Natural Wonders of the Amazon”

A culinary journey in Peru