Coex Amazon - Laura & Øyvind - Tailor-made journeys off the beaten track in Peru


Coex Amazon is a small family run travelling company in Peru owned 100% and directed by the Peruvian-Norwegian mix marriage Laura and Oyvind Wesseltoft. We are customizing for small groups exotic eco-cultural tours off the beaten track in the remote areas of Peru. We also offer customized classical tours in Peru. Coex Amazon offers a high level of knowledge, local insight and nearness with a dynamic personal service.

Coex Amazon has been a pioneer in remote rural tourism in Peru since 2005. Laura and Oyvind have worked persistently in the remote provinces of Peru with 15 different collective communities in the Andes Mountains and in the Amazon Rainforest. Our utmost important resource is a fantastic network consisting of more than three hundred local people over the whole Peru. Every one of them integrated into the supply chain and each plays an active and direct role in following through all our journeys.

Our goal is that a journey in Peru is an enriching life-inspiring experience. Our basic philosophy is respect for isolated living cultures and their authentic environments based on responsible tourism. Our presence means recognition and appreciation that empowers their identity and cultural heritage.

Coex Amazon - Laura
Founder of Coex Amazon – jordmor Laura

Coex Amazon shall always be an active participant in developing responsible sustainable tourism in Peru.

Protect small authentic living cultures in the Andes and in the Amazon.
(By promoting responsible sustainable tourism)

Our goal is that a journey in Peru shall be an enriching life-inspiring experience.

Based on following elements:

  • Spectacular nature full of contrasts.
  • In situ ancient historic and mythical civilizations.
  • Personal contact with small living traditional collective communities.

Respecting isolated living cultures and their environments based on responsible tourism.
Recognition and appreciation is decisive for conserving their identity and environment.
It is of utmost importance for us to avoid negative western influence.

Coex Amazon - Øyvind
Founder of Coex Amazon – explorer Øyvind

Coex Amazon’s definition of responsible and sustainable tourism

Journeys that represent none of negative influence on isolated communities; that provides a fair economic compensation to local people who contribute in the supply-chain; your active presence is an important contribution for protecting and conserving local culture and nature.


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