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Expeditions in Peru off the beaten track

Crossing Andes mountain ranges, immersing into the rainforest, to the heart of the Amazon, a journey back in time.

Coex Amazon invites you on a passionately unique journey to the unknown, remote and authentic Peru.
Expeditions off the beaten track on foot and by horse on ancient pre-ink trails in the Andes Mountains and diving deep into an exuberant almost untouched Amazon rainforest by light aircraft and canoe.

Meeting the local people on their premises

Ecotourism with broad participation from the local population

Trips for people in any age with vitality, curiosity, lust for adventure and exploring

With small groups we achieve a natural nearness to nature and authentic folk-life

We tailor-make the trips according to the different levels for our travellers; from family adapted journies to the pioneer adventurer that is seeking rougher trails and environments

All our trips off the beaten track are led by an experienced expedition leader and local native guides

Coex Amazon in Peru

Coex Amazon - Exploring Peru - Map
With small groups we discover Peru


Marañon – Pacaya

Sustainable journeys in the Andes and in the Amazon


Caral – Kotosh

Unique destinations in Peru on terms with the natives


Urubamba – Choquequirao

Classical Tours in Peru

A personal journey in small groups to well-known legendary destinations on the Pacific Coast, Andes Mountains and the Amazon Rainforest. Dedicated guides will reveal a different world with an exciting history, with gliding transitions from spectacular wild nature to idyllic cultural landscapes, always surrounded by an aura of living and colorful folk-life. This is the contrasting and pulsing Peru. Along the way there will be good infrastructure and a splendid access to a wonderful kitchen. In fact, the world has elected Peru as the leading culinary destination for the last eight years.

Tailor-made journeys off the beaten track in Peru

South Peru Classic

With small groups we discover Peru

The Pacific – Andes – Amazon Rainforest

Adventurous trekking on Inca trails in the Andes

From Machu Picchu to Galapagos

Short destinations in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia

Build and plan your Peru journey with short and spectacular destinations and activities. Below we will present three new adventurous destinations. All of them first handedly explored by Coex Amazon. We offer an impressive variety of destinations and activities; we possess profound local knowledge since we started in 2005 and we always strive for high level of personal service. Our services and infrastructure hold exclusively good standard to high standard.

Coex Amazon - Explore Galapagos

Explore Galapagos

Coex Amazon - Biking and trekking Machu Picchu

Biking and trekking to Machupicchu

Coex Amazon - Rafting from Andes to Amazon

Rafting from the Andes down to the Amazon

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