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"Little we knew that this was only the start for the most overwhelmingly experience in our lives. When we arrived San Miguel, it felt like we had arrived the gardens of Eden . An abundance of natural fruits in all varieties and the landscape was so colorful that it can not be described in 1000 words".
(Family Gundersen Røssland - July 2005)

"We have had a trip we never will forget. We got new friends and fantastic nature experiences. It´s different to choose this alternative, but the way we see it, this difference" is a great strength. And we are so happy that we found Coex Amazon".
(Pål Sverre Hagen og Bernt Hagen - March 2006)

"In all our dealings with Øyvind and Laura their true commitment and care for the tribes we met was very obvious and honest. With Coex Amazons help we managed to do our filming in a respectful and low impact way. And got to meet fantastic communities and people both on and off camera".
(Sverre Nordbø, Rubicon Producer "Worlds Apart Norway " - November 2005)

"We highly recommend such a journey to individuals and families who are seeking human enrichment. For us it has been a source of experiencing life".
(Family Sæbø Johansen - September 2005)

You get to know the rainforest well when you participate in an expedition. We traveled upstream by boat on tributary rivers to the Amazon. Now sitting in Norway , I´m thinking back at this expedition as a memory for life. It may sound hard to believe, but it´s true.
(Journalist Klaes Krog , from the Norwegian newspaper VG - April 2006)

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