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This is an expedition with vast contrasts both in nature and people. We will touch on the majority of Peru 's 84 ecosystems and microclimates by means of every mode of transport available. Enchanting Machu Picchu will be reached from the rear side by crossing Peru 's central jungle. From coastal beaches right up to the Andes , we cross the mountain ranges at 4818 msl ( 15,803 ft ) before descending to the high jungle at 800 msl ( 2,624 ft ) then further down to the low jungle at 450msl ( 1,476 ft ). To get back up to the high jungle and the Andes mountains we have to navigate our way up the Urubamba River through a great gorge that splits the mountain chain in two, between the high and low jungle. We will stay with two native Amazonian Indian tribes and come in close contact with people all the way from the coast to the Andes mountains.  
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