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Under this expedition we will cover Peru 's three extensive main regions; the Coast, Mountains and Jungle. Along the way we will experience immense contrasts in nature and great diversity in people. The expedition offers unique insights into old cultures and magnificent nature. We will come into close contact with the local people from all regions and get to know their lifestyle and means of living. Starting with the coast's great pre-Inca cultures we travel towards the mountains into the impressive Andes where, amongst other things, we will bathe in the hot springs of the Inca Kings. From there we continue Northeast into the Chachapoyanes' mighty kingdom on the borders of jungle and mountain. Eventually we reach the somewhat forgotten but idyllic mountain town of Chachapoyas and from there catch a private plane to take us to the Amazon jungle. Here we travel on by boat into the fascinating mangrove forest to live with the natives.  
Expedition Program
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